Thursday, December 06, 2007
It Will Be Down to the Wire
Carpenters: finished.

Painters: caulking. Primer tomorrow. Probably more primer Monday. Paint Tuesday and Wednesday, maybe Thursday. Maybe even Friday.

Floor: If we can get on the schedule, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week.

If you are counting, you have noticed that this brings us to within less than a week before Christmas. And this is if everybody shows up when they say they will, works like a pack of beavers, and doesn't run into unforeseen problems.

IF it gets done in time:
Can they deliver my furniture before Christmas? Can I hang the stockings? Will there be any Christmas trees left on the lots? Can I get to the Christmas decorations, which are at the very back of the storage unit? Stay tuned for answers.

But everyone decided it would be good for their health if they install the ovens tomorrow or Saturday and let me spend the weekend baking. My daughters have a couple of my recipes and if I can't find my pans easily, I will buy more. I can probably adapt to everything else, but it will not be Christmas without thumbprints and candy cane cookies and pumpkin bread. On Monday morning, the ovens will get covered up with paper and stay that way until the kitchen is completely painted, so I will have a real baking marathon to do. And I can't wait!

Christmas shopping has also been problematic. My storage place right now is my car trunk, and it's getting a little full. I bought a Wii for myself, but had nowhere to hook it up, so Guppy very sweetly offered to store it, and test it, for me. Is he a good son or what! Apparently he is putting it through some very thorough nightly testing.

Everything is looking wonderful. My mantle is so pretty, I just stand and stare at it with a goofy look on my face. I'll post some pictures after the painting is done. I haven't taken any pictures in a long time. I've just been so frustrated with the delays, and the holidays already here. I really thought that starting this job in June would guarantee that my house would be done before Christmas, especially when the builder told me it would take 90 days. I actually laughed at people who told me it wouldn't be done. I'm older and wiser now.

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