Monday, February 25, 2008
You know those days when everyone in the world is an idiot? And eventually you figure out that it's really unlikely (not saying impossible) that you are the one and only sane and intelligent human being on the planet?

Well, I've been having one of those days for three days now, and I still haven't reached the point of adjusting my attitude.

1. The Professor is off playing with penguins in Antarctica while I am stuck here doing all the work.

2. Guppyman needs to take care of things.

3. My mother seems to think I should feel sorry for my brother who had to shovel snow from his Colorado vacation home driveway, instead of being here to celebrate her 88th birthday.

4. At 7:30 Friday morning, the front door opened and several workmen came in. I had had no warning at all that there would be any work done. They usually don't work Fridays and they never show up before 8:30. Fortunately, I had clothes on -- wet hair, no makeup, but I was covered.

5. The electrician moved the light switch from behind the bedroom door to the other side, where I can actually get to it. He was also supposed to turn a socket around to the other wall. He didn't. It was on the list of things to do that I had posted right where they were working.

6. Oh. Someone evidently threw the list away.

7. I bought a new bedspread-plus-everything-you-need-in-your-bedroom-except-bunny-slippers on Saturday, the last day of the sale. I had been to visit this spread several times, testing my reaction over time, making sure I didn't see something else I liked better. (I put more thought into the bedspread than I did into my first marriage.) On Saturday, I was told that customer pick-up was running an hour or more. I did not have time to wait, so I dragged this 2' x 2' x 2' bag across the store, onto the elevator, across the store again, out into the parking lot, and up and down two aisles until I finally found my car.

8. I had just come from the chiropractor, who had my neck feeling pretty good. Seems I found the perfect antidote.

9. Ralph Nader is running again, the egotistical idiot. John Edwards helped direct and change the focus of the Democratic campaign by running in the primaries. I guess Nader could not do the same because that would have been too much competition for the spotlight.

10. I think this one bothers me the most: otherwise intelligent people seem to be totally unable to look beyond their personal lives to a principle. I have had two people tell me in the last week that the government can listen in on their phone calls all it wants, as they have nothing to hide. It simply astonishes me how people will hand over their rights because something has scared them and they think the government will keep them safe. You don't have to read much history to see where that leads.

11. Not to mention the logic that says, there are people who want to conquer us, who want to take our freedoms away, so let's fight them by voluntarily giving up our freedoms. Huh????

12. It is a free country, and we all have the right to believe what we want. But what do you do when someone else's beliefs allow conditions that violate the US Constitution? When they start giving up their rights, they give up mine, too. Oh dear, I think I still feel like one of the very few sane and intelligent people on earth.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Careless of Me
In the last few months I have lost 2 belts, 2 bras and a pair of shoes. My best guess is that they all got left in hotel rooms. If I keep up this traveling, I will have no clothes at all.

My neck has been hurting me so much that I have almost been in tears. It's a combination of sleeping on the couch and a whole lot of stress. On Monday I had a 1-1/2 hour massage, then went to the chiropractor to get my *ear* adjusted. Who knew?! But it didn't cure the problem. Yesterday I was at a trade show / seminar and during one of the long breaks a very sweet friend of mine took me out to his truck, laid the passenger seat down, put a pillow under my head, and promised to come wake me when it was time. And I did go to sleep. He told me later that I looked like I was about to collapse. And here I thought I was fooling everyone.

I left Monday night just before Prof got home from a trip to ... um, I think Sri Lanka. He left yesterday for -- Antartica, maybe? -- just before I got back home. It always seems to work out that way. But he did get some reservations made for a trip for both of us to the Galapogos in early March. At the moment, that feels like one more stressful thing, but I know I'm going to love it. I just have to stock up on lots of seasickness things. Hmmm, on vacation, won't need belts, won't need bras, won't need shoes ... yep, I'm good to go.

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