Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Feeding Frenzy

Last night I kept noticing big splashes out in the bay. A school of huge fish? No, it was a flock of pelicans feeding. They kept it up for at least an hour. I think you can click on the picture to make it bigger and see the pelicans better.

For some rare and unknown reason, we had a cold front. In April. In Houston. When the wind is out of the north, it blows the water off the shore and we have a beach.

You notice the remains of a long-gone fence, which is usually well under water -- just one of the many reasons why no one swims in the bay. Except for all those fish.

This is our neighborhood dock, and you can clearly see how high the water normally is. A couple of us are starting to talk about a dock party -- that's where we get together and nail the boards back onto the pilings, which we have to do after tropical storms and hurricanes. But since at least a third of the people in the neighborhood are either living elsewhere or in a trailer in their driveway, we've all had more important things on our minds than the dock. But I think it's time for those of us whose houses are pretty much back together to make things more normal for everyone.

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