Monday, April 30, 2007
Le Puff, Le Pant
If you remember the old Pepe le Pew cartoons, you probably recall how, after running away from something or someone, he would pause, wipe his brow with his tail, and gasp "Le puff, le pant." Well, that is how I feel. Or maybe Sisyphus is a better analogy, because I never seem to get ahead. If I delete 30 emails to get my in box down below the threshhold where the You Are a Very Bad Person Whose Mailbox Is Over Limit message is generated, 35 new emails will come in. If I turn my back on a stack of papers that I am sorting, I swear the damn things procreate, and the pile is bigger when I get back to it. If I solve a problem for a customer, two more customers will call me with problems. My to-do list never gets any shorter.

Then there's the housework stuff. You expect dust bunnies to reproduce, but what are the towels doing in the dirty clothes basket? Do I need to move them into the light, or should I shelter my innocent little socks from towel sex? No, wait, socks don't need to be sheltered. Not only are they asexual, they apparently kill their young. I seldom get back all the socks I put into the load of laundry. And in a variant of the Wash the Car to Make it Rain trick, I have discovered that if you bend over the flower beds and pull weeds until you can barely stand up straight, you have just created an environment for a whole set of new weedsto thrive.

But I did accomplish one rare thing over the weekend: I made my 16 year old grandson, Skater Dude, laugh. The tv was tuned to a drag race, and all you could see in the closeup of the driver was beautiful eyes.

Skater Dude: There's a girl driving --- or is it just a very pretty guy?

Mitey Mite & Dolphin in unison: A guy wearing eye shadow?

Mitey Mite : Well, they DO call it a drag race.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Saturday Photo Hunt: Steps
These steps are in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. You have never seen so many waterfalls in your life! The water doesn't converge and carve out a canyon; it spreads out and forms literally hundreds of waterfalls. The steps are handcrafted from fallen logs, and the workmanship of fitting them together is amazing. You could not have steps like these in the U.S. There were hardly any handrails throughout the park, and there were no signs warning of danger, at all. They actually assumed that grownups would pay attention to their surroundings, and would have control of their children. That's a step I'd like to see us take in this country, but I'm not holding my breath!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Brought to You by the Letter I
You know how sometimes a situation just screams for a joke or a pun? It teases, it tantalizes, but you can't quite get there. One such situation that we probably all remember was when George Bush picked Dan Quayle as his running mate. A quail in the hand is worth two bushes ... no, ...a quail in the bushes ...oh darn, I give up. This was exactly how I felt when the following exchange took place between the Professor and me:

MM: You know, I think English is the only language in which the letter "I" is pronounced "eye".

Prof: How do they pronounce it in other languages?

MM: "Eee".

[Small contemplative silence.]

Prof: Then how do they pronounce "E"?

MM: Aaa.

Prof: So how do they pronounce "A"?

But, of course, there it fell apart, because I can think of no other language in which the letter "A" is pronounced as either "O" or "U", thereby ruining my opportunity to invent a who's- on - first type routine with vowels as the subject. Yes, I was teased, tantalized, and ultimately frustrated.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Saturday Photo Hunt: Hobby
So many hobbies, so little time! But these three -- sewing, embroidery, and crochet -- have kept me (relatively) sane over the years. It was actually hard finding things to take a picture of, because I give away 98% of what I make. And, in fact, the picture was a gift to the Professor and the christening dress is for the grandchildren, but those afghans are mine, mine, mine!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007
I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack!
Who knew that the countries which used to make up Yugoslavia -- Croatia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Slovenia, Serbia, and Montenegro -- are among the most beautiful countries in the world! I will be boring you with pictures for weeks, if not months, but here is a quick overview.

I have been to some of the world's most beautiful cities -- Paris, Budapest, San Francisco, Salzburg, Venice -- and I have never seen anything to match Dubrovnik. It is breathtaking. You can walk all the way around the old city wall for incredible views, then visit a museum, shop, or have a meal at the waterfront.

As you go north from Dubrovnik, you find forests and waterfalls -- lots and lots of waterfalls. We went to two national parks, Krka (pronounced Keerka) and Plitvice (Plit-veet-cee), which each have literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of waterfalls. They have built wooden paths over, under, and around the waterfalls. It is an unbelievable experience to walk through these parks.

Of course, we also saw a lot of this. I took this view from our hotel window, and later asked the girl at the desk what had happened to the church next door. "It was damaged in the fighting." What a shame, I said. "Oh, it's okay. That is the Orthodox church. It's abandoned. Our church is still there." Translation: virtually every town is "pure" now. It may be Roman Catholic, or Greek Orthodox, or Muslim, but they fought really nasty battles to segregate themselves according to religion. You see damaged, burned, and empty houses, but you also see a lot of construction. I suspect that houses are going for back taxes, now that the original owners are either dead or run off to some other place.

We went to Ljublana, Slovenia, for an afternoon

and to Pula, Croatia, where we found this Roman ampitheater, which is in such good shape that they hold concerts in it today.

The most surprising place of all was Bosnia. This bridge is in Mostar, and leads to what is essentially an Arab market. There were fascinating things for sale, but what I liked best were the ball-point pens made from spent bullet casings. It is a step toward the hope that someday all swords will be hammered into plowshares.

It is difficult to imagine the hatred the Balkan people have for one another, because they are so incredibly nice and helpful to strangers. They are also the cleanest people I have ever seen. Someone was always vacuuming the porch, or pulling the dust cover off the air conditioner so they could dust it, or sweeping out the cracks in the street. We were never afraid. Sometimes we would catch a little whiff of the hatred, as in the comments of the hotel clerk, but for the most part they just seem really sick of war, and wanting to build good lives and a strong future.

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